Why do gambling companies sponsor Rugby teams?


Gambling companies have been prevalent in the English Premier League and Championship teams.

However, the online casino operators have also become high-profile sponsors of rugby teams. Even though rugby teams are not as popular as the soccer teams, the companies compete to have their names on the team’s kits, which has mutual benefits. So, why do gambling companies sponsor rugby teams? Read on to find out more.

It’s a Means to Reach Their Target Audience

From a commercial standpoint, the cooperation between rugby teams and gambling companies helps both parties make good income. However, the operators use the sponsorship as a way of reaching their target audience. 

Rugby attracts a men's audience, and the gambling companies’ primary target is men of all ages. Therefore, rugby helps the gambling firm attract more punters and reinforce the company’s reputation and sustainability.

Studies have also revealed that there is a considerable number of females taking part in gambling activities. Coincidentally, rugby matches also attract a large number of ladies in the stands. Therefore, the sponsorships also offer the operators the chance to endear themselves to this emerging audience.  

Marketing and Brand Awareness

Top gambling firms use rugby sponsorship as part of their marketing strategies to build brand awareness. Millions of fans supporting the rugby teams will notice the company’s logo displayed on their team’s kits. 

Shirt sponsorships, in particular, usually have a transformative power that can enhance the increase in brand awareness. When the rugby superstars don the team kits with the logos, it is real advertisement to the gambling company hence improving their reach. Furthermore, the popularity of rugby worldwide is growing fast, thus presenting the gambling firms an opportunity to reach more people. 

It Increases Their Chance of Attracting New Casino Players and Sports Bettors

Sports’ betting is popular in the UK, especially with the advent of online sports betting platforms. Their popularity has turned them into excellent businesses, and they have become more prevalent in sponsoring rugby tournaments.     

As a result, clubs are motivated to enter into partnerships with high-profile gambling companies. The collaboration yields mutual benefits. As the rugby clubs benefit financially from the deal, the sponsors get the chance to attract new casino players and sports gamblers to their online platforms. 

Corporate Social Responsibility

Big corporate firms usually engage in community projects as a way of giving back to the community. When they do so, they endear themselves to the local communities of the teams they sponsor. Furthermore, such sponsorships also attract tax incentives from respective governments. In the end, all the parties involved benefit from the partnership. 

Bottom Line

In recent years, gambling companies have emerged as the top sponsors for top teams and major tournaments. Currently, the operators have dominated the sponsorship of top clubs in all the major sports, including rugby. The alliance between gambling operators and rugby teams usually has mutual benefits as both have substantive following worldwide. The teams get the finances they need to keep their operations going while the gambling companies get the platform to advertise and grow their brand.