What UK University has the best rugby team?


Rugby is one of the most popular sports in the UK. A lot of professional players started their careers playing in college rugby teams. If you want to become a famous rugby player, you should enter a university that provides the best opportunities for students. 

These days, Cardiff Metropolitan University has the best rugby team. Let's learn more about this educational institution and discover the reasons why their team is the best. 

Cardiff Metropolitan University Overview

The university was founded in 1865 in Cardiff, Wales as an Art school. Over time, it developed into a leading university that provides high-quality education for students all around the globe. The college has nearly 11 000 students and offers a large variety of programs for those who want to learn economy, technologies, art, sports and health. 

It is one of the most selective educational institutions in the UK. Therefore, if you want to enter this university and join their rugby team, you should maintain high grades at school. If you experience any problems and ask your mates, "Can someone do math homework for me?", consider taking additional classes to improve your knowledge. 

Reasons Why their Rugby Team is Best

The college is famous for it's Cardiff Metropolitan University RFC that plays in the WRU Championship. Let's take a deep dive and discover why the Cardiff Met has the best rugby team in the UK.


The Cardiff Met is a unique educational institution because it doesn't focus on learning only. The university aims to prepare its students for the grown life by providing full-fledged education. They use the benefits of a partnership with business and government to provide students with real working experience. As a result, 95% of Cardiff Met students get their first job in less than six months after graduation.


This educational institution has a dedicated school of sport and health sciences. It is divided into two branches. The first one, School of Health Sciences, is made up of 9 areas that focus on research and consultancy services. 

The School of Sports forces a healthy and active lifestyle for its students. Thanks to the large community that gathers in one place, students at this university don't only train their muscles and skills, but also receive additional help. 

For instance, sports medicine practitioners communicate with athletes every day and do researches that help minimize the chances of getting injured. They also provide psychological help for students and create well-thought-out nutrition programs. All these boost the performance of athletes. 


The School of Sports has modern facilities that imply multi-sport provision and laboratories. Athletes at Cardiff Met train at the National Indoor Athletics Centre that is considered one of the best indoor sports venues. There is also a well-equipped gym, where students can do a workout. The majority of students never compromise on sports in this college. When they experience any problems mixing sport and studies, they order a paper for college online. 

Here students can train different kinds of sports like athletics, football, rugby, and many others. Also, there are two open-air fields for playing football and three fields for playing rugby. Consequently, students can master their skills and improve their tactics with no limits.


 It's an unobvious, but very important reason to enter the Cardiff Met. There is a large sports community that gathers students. The university promotes an active lifestyle and provides sports and fitness for kids from 4 to 14 y.o. Also, there are programs for students, where they train and communicate with each other. 

Cardiff Met athletes receive broad support from students who attend their matches and cheer their team. Parties after won matches are also an inherent part of student life that connect them as one family.

Final Words about Cardiff Met

If you decide to enter this college, it is the right choice. Above great facilities and the leading rugby team, the university also offers great educational programs for students. Being a student here, you will not only get access to the gym, sports, and fitness program, but become a specialist in a particular niche with broad practical experience.