TRU Six Pack, Isolation Edition - Will Magie, Austin Gilgronis/USA Eagles

Will Magie
Will Magie

Next to answer our quickfire Isolation Edition questions is USA international and Austin Gilgronis' Fly-Half Will Magie.

Home workout routine?
We’ve been lucky enough to take some of the equipment from the gym, so I managed to get a bike and a few dumbells. So, just trying to do a lot of bodyweight circuits, press-ups, shoulderpress, core, planking, etc and just sitting on the bike to keep conditioning up, so we are quite fortunate here.
Go-to home cooking/homemade meal?
At the moment definitely omelettes. Nice four egg omelette with loads of veggies and some turkey breast thrown in there, with just a couple slices of toast, cook it nice and slow so that it is nice and juicy.

Lounging gear, slouch-wear?
Being in the Texas heat at the minute, it is putting the air conditioning on full, shorts and topless at the moment really.

Chill tunes, books, games, netflix?
It has been a bit of Netflix so far, definitely a few bits and bobs outside of rugby to keep the mind ticking over. I’m re-watching, and I know that is terrible, but I am re-watching Narcos from the beginning.

Take out or beverage you are missing?
Probably sushi, or Poke Bowls which is probably the best for takeout.

Activity you can't wait to get back to?
Golf, the handicap isn’t great in the mid-teens. Respectable at least.