TRU Six Pack - Biyi Alo, Saracens

Biyi Alo, Saracens
Biyi Alo, Saracens

Latest to answer our quickfire TRU Six Pack is Saracen's prop, Biyi Alo.

Go-to gym exercise?

I love a bench press. It is my confidence booster and my staple exercise. I have the biggest bench press in the club by quite a bit! There isn’t a competition, but it’s a great thing I have been able to hold on to that!

Favourite cheat meal/restaurant?

I do love a Nandos. We are lucky enough to get a Nandos discount so I will got there for a cheat meal!

The boots you wore in your last game?

 I am currently wearing the all black Adidas ones at the minute which I am quite lucky to have are quite handy. I do really like the Mizuno ones as they are quite light and for a big guy who weighs 130kg I may need that edge!

Any Pre-match rituals or motivational tune?

I don’t really have any. I just like to listen to music before a game. In a team you have different tastes in music that sometimes don’t suit me. I am a hip-hop guy and I need my heavy hip-hop beats before a game to get me into the match.

Your 'must have' sports supplement? 

I do have a bit of whey protein and it has to be the chocolate peanut one because it tastes exactly like a milkshake so that’s quite good for me, but a part from that I don’t really use anything else.

Number one beverage in your down-time?

I do love a Green Tea throughout the week!