How has mobile gameplay affected the slots industry


It is pretty hilarious to think that not much more than a century ago a man called Charles D. Fey was putting the finishing touches on his ground-breaking Liberty Bell slot machine, especially when you consider that this was the world’s first true slot machine gambling game, and that now you can play the same thing from the comfort of your mobile device.

Obviously slots at King Casino have changed a great deal since their inception at the end of the 19th century, with by far the biggest difference being that they are now available to play online. Online slots have so many more exciting possibilities associated with them too, from crazy indulgent bonus features all the way through to absolutely stratospheric progressive jackpots. Keep reading for an in-depth discussion of how mobile gameplay has affected the slots industry. 

The spectre of mobile gameplay in the early 21st century 

Despite the fact that mobile slots didn’t really exist properly until the late stages of the 2000s developers already had a keen eye on what mobile gameplay could look like when the required technology was realised. In fact, many developers were already creating their games with one eye on the mobile gameplay market, one of the reasons why so many online slots were made for the mobile platform in such a short space of time. 

As the 2000s went on more and more developers were keeping an eye on the potential mobile slots market, and this in turn meant that the slot games being developed were edging towards the mobile sector. 

The first mobile slots and how they inspired developers 

The first mobile slots came about in the late 2000s, and whilst these weren’t really commercially viable on a grand scale due to the innate limitations of mobile phones at the time, they did inspire a range of developers to start working on mobile slots in earnest. 

At the time there was a lot of inspiration going on throughout the online slot industry, and mobile slots seemed to be a catalyst for all kinds of other inspirational developments in the online slots world. 

The added practicality of mobile slots and how it affected the industry 

One of the major things that mobile slots resulted in was the fact that after their emergence it made it ten times easier for gamblers to start spinning those reels, owing to the fact that they could now do it from their mobile devices. This means that mobile slots can be played on the move in a way that just isn’t possible on regular online slots, let alone land-based slot machines. 

There should be no surprises at the fact that after the emergence of mobile slots the overall online slots industry has started growing exponentially at a terrifyingly fast rate. 

Mobile gameplay in 2020 

By 2020 the mobile slots industry has pretty much overtaken the desktop slots market, with many more gamblers spinning those reels on their smartphones rather than laptops.