Super Rugby 2012 Results Analysis


Super 15 Rugby 2012 has completed the Round Robin stage and I have done some  analysis to help tipsters picking results in the future. Here is an overview of  my findings to help people in picking competitions.

1) There have been  120 matches in Super Rugby 2012.

2) The home team has won 69 matches compared  with 51 away wins.

3) The average winning margin is 10.89 points.
4) The  most common winning margin is 5 and 6 with these happening 11 times, while 1 and  7 have been margins 10 times. It is crazy because 8, 11 and 13 has only been the  margin twice. This is probably because of the within seven points bonus point,  making margins seven points or under more popular.
5) The margins 18, 20 and  25 haven't occurred, which is interesting given that so many people probably tip  a 20 or 25 point victory, but it hasn't happened all season.
6) There have  been no draws in Super Rugby 2012.
7) There have been 64 matches where the  margin has been within seven points. This is more than 50 percent of  matches.
8 ) The biggest margin has been 53 points between the Bulls and the  Reds in Round 5.

What do you think of this analysis? Has it shown up your  shortcomings as a punter? It does show how even Super 15 Rugby 2012 has been with so many results within seven points.