Stade Francais to remain in the top-flight


French side Stade Francais have been given clearance to remain in the Top 14 next season despite their financial problems.

The two-time Heineken Cup winners were facing relegation to the third division after almost going into bankruptcy.

But Thomas Savare, the director general of technology company Oberthur, saved the club at the last moment clearing out the debt of just over six million euros.

The DNACG, which supervises administrative, legal and financial issues among France's rugby clubs, ruled on Monday that there is no right to prevent the club from comepeting in the Top 14 if legal procedures are achieved.

Savare, 43, will take over as president of the Paris-based outfit with Max Guzzani, who has been in charge since 1992, stepping aside to become honorary president.

"I would like to thank Max who allowed this investment to happen,  said Savare.

"We have save a great club and it's inconceivable that Stade will ever disappear as we now aim to take them on a wonderful adventure. 

This 'wonderful adventure' could be fulfilled this season as Stade have made some exciting signings.

Argentinean fly-half Felipe Contepomi, England winger Paul Sackey and New Zealand's Byron Kelleher have all joined the club.

The new owners have assured the fans that these contracts will be honoured and Guzzani has admitted his excitement for the team.

He said: "The club is now saved and we can focus on next season.

"It's been a tough time for Stade Francais but it's something we will emerge stronger from. 


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