Promixx Original review

We road tested the Promixx 'Original' protein shaker, the world's most powerful battery-operated vortex mixer.

A bit about the shaker:

  • The Original PROMiXX Mixer is the world's most powerful battery-operated vortex mixer. Powered by 2xAAA batteries, the high-torque motor is capable of over 12,000RPM to blend even? your ingredients.
  • Built with the discerning athlete in mind, PROMiXX mixers are the shaker bottle of choice by thousands of elite athletes across the globe. The PROMiXX Original Vortex Mixer features an athlete-tested ergonomic design with scientifically engineered blunt blade - preserving micronutrients for improved protein performance.
  • Utilizing industry-leading food-grade materials, PROMiXX vortex mixers are both impact and odor-resistant whilst being BPA and DEHP-free. Super easy to clean - simply add water and a drop of detergent and activate the vortex.
  • 100% LEAK-PROOF GUARANTEE AND 1-YEAR MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY. Plus, industry leading customer service on hand for your piece of mind.

The shape isn't particularly new or fresh looking, but there is a sleekness in its simplicity and lack of protruding elements, resulting in a very well contained vessel. The Promixx branding has been continued from the logo onto the blending 'blade' inside the shaker itself which is a creative touch, and it's this blade which gives the liquid its' vortex effect.

The 600ml capacity tumbler is an adequate enough side for the usualy gym routine, with a easily actioned twist-seal lid providing leak-proofing even when upside down, possibly on the small side for the bigger drinker.

This particular shaker comes in 3 pretty standard colours Black, White and Pink, so there's nothing much to comment on there.

At the base of the shaker there is the battery pack or motor, which gives the power to the blade. This needs either 2 x AAA batteries, or if you have the upgrade, a USB slot and cable allowing you to charge through various sources. The battery pack runs out fairly quickly and lacks the force that upgraded, internal battery pack will give you.

I used the shaker on a variety of occasions, with pre-workout mixes and post-workout protein powders. It had no problem with the pre-workouts with water, combining the water and the powder with ease, ready for consumption at all times.

I usually mix my protein products with milk/almond-milk/coconut-milk, but for my first use of the Promixx I thought I'd go with a thinner liquid and use water. After pouring the water to the 'ideal fill level' I turned the vortex on and added 3 scoops of protein (the usual amount I'd use in the manual shaker), the blade really struggled to get up to speed and didn't mix the two together very well, it was more of churning motion, leaaving a couple of undisolved lumps knocking around. I put this down to the viscosity of the water when combined with the protein powder, so I tried again later that day with a meal replacement powder which is only one scoop, this had the blade working at its' optimal speed resulting in a perfectly mixed beverage.

So there certainly is a limit to watch this Promixx shaker can deal with, which is understandable for a battery powdered device. It's just finding a balance between the thickness of your foundation fluid and the thickness of addition powder ontop of that.


This Promixx shaker is a perefectly portable peice of gadgetary, it's ability to be self contained and ease of use resut in a product that would be hard not to replace your current shaker. The downfall being with the thicker protein powders/protein portions out there, the blade struggles to cut through the solution, but only at the very carb heavy end of the spectrum.

With the Nutri-bullet era giving us a huge amount of stationary power to blend anything at home, the Promixx (although with alot less power) is it's portable little sibling, allowing you to mix on smaller scale on the go. 'What's wrong with shaking by hand' I hear you say, nothing, it should be encouraged, but why not have the option. 7/10 Perfect for a quick mix, not that I was moaning about the shaking process originally.