Olympvs Athletic Fit Jeans review


We road tested Olympvs Athletic Fit Jeans which claim to eliminate the problems faced by the larger legged gentlemen amongst us...

Olympvs' tagline of 'no more sizing up, no more tightness and no more busted seams. Just a perfect athletic fit.' is a strong one, and one we wanted test out for ourselves in the office, made up largely of rugby players.

To give you a little bit of background to Olympvs, started and designed mainly in the UK but outsource the manufacture to a string of Italian family run factories that have passionately made jeans for decades. Their goal is to make the best fitting, most comfortable, and highest quality casual wear for athletic body types.

It seems to be a common issue with males around the world struggling to find jeans that fit the more althletic/muscular build, the problem lying with the need to buy an oversized waist to fit the larger leg. So it's great to see there's an option to buying a bigger waist size to accomodate the legs, and no longer relying on 'belt-power' to make sure they don't fall down.

So...The first thing you're likely to see is the packaging, and based on first impressions we'll start there. There's plenty of their bold Olympvs branding around the box, and inside a hand-signed personalised letter from the Founder, Tom Eastman, which is a very nice, individual touch, setting the experience off well. Their minimalistic font and sharp logo works well with their similar approach of packaging, and a few stickers thrown in never hurt anyone. It's become more common that the customer wants the complete experience, and here I felt there was a great attention to detail, setting the bar high.

Moving onto the important matter of their jeans:

FIT - I'm no connoisseur of jeans, but this isn't my first rodeo (owning around 5 pairs). As most guys will concur, we are used to the stiff, fairly unforgiving nature of denim when it comes to fit and the restrive nature of the fabric, and it's something we've just dealt with. So the first thing that hits you is the ease of movement in these Olympvs jeans, paired with the comfort throughout the entirety of the pant. I would advised going a size slightly smaller than what you are used to (36" normal denim, go for a 34"), because with the 92% cotton, 6% polyster, and 2% elastane mix you are given elasticity on a level you wouldn't of experienced before in a jean. It's better to give these 'HYPERstretch denim' jeans the benefit of expanding or contracting to your waist, the jean adapts and shapes itself round your body in a very new feel for me.

As for the cut of the leg it was pritty accurate, tappering at the bottom so there isn't a gethering of excess fabric around the ankle. With that security blanket of the elastic nature of the fabric you can be assured that it'll flex under pressure, and retract without a barrier.

If you couldn't already tell I was extremely impressed with them, having worn jeans the majority of my adult life these, but Olympvs have changed the game. I wore them for a few days (including a wash in that time) and they continue to 'give' in scenarios where you would normally be resitrcited by jeans lack of flexibility. It almost makes me understand why some females where leggings on every occassion!?

The comfort you feel doing any movement is something you should trial for yourself, and they offer a full money back garantuess so what have you to lose...

PRICE - They are currentlly retailing at £79 which I think is a very reasonable price for the product you're getting. They only have one colour at this moment in time, the darker denim look, without any washes or distressed marks, if you're looking for something a touch more grown up than pre-purchase rips and scratches you can't go wrong.

On price they land above your cheap low-end retail jeans, but below some of the more designer side of the market, so for me they are well placed in the middle offering you what you'd associate with a high-end brand but the price that reflects something a little less designer, with no compromise on comfort.

Final Word - Rather than filling a jean, these Olympvs Athletic Jeans fit your waist and leg in way you haven't experienced before with denim (for the larger builds amongst us). Highly recommended.

Looking at the complete package...An overall 9/10 the only mark down was for the lack of diversity in styles, but that will hopefully come in time.

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