New Rugby World training camp gets the green light


A stunning new facility has been announced, which will see Darlington playing host to an international world cup team.

There is some mystery surrounding the news as at this stage it is unclear who will be making use of the training camp, but it is undoubtedly great news for the local area as reports.

Teams often send their players to boot camp as it is the perfect way to focus the mind and get in some serious training ahead of big fixtures. The team using the site will be taking advantage of the hot and spa facilities and will be in residence for seven days. As well as having access to the training ground they will also be able to make use of the leisure facilities with full access to all of the resources.

The Mayor of Darlington confirmed the news in an interview about the event. “Welcoming an international team to the region is the icing on the cake and is further recognition of our exceptional facilities and venues. The players aren’t going to be locked away behind closed doors training for the entire duration of their stay. The Rugby League’s been clear that there will be an active programme of engagement, with the team working to promote the game in our local schools and communities, helping us to grow the sport. They’ll be here for up to seven weeks, spending time and money in the region and boosting our profile across the world. With thousands of fans expected to come from across the globe to follow the action, I’m looking forward to seeing them flood through our airport arrivals hall”.

The announcement comes after Darlington submitted a bid to gain the rights to host the team and they are delighted that their facilities were considered to be the perfect venue. The hotel is a stunning setup which has plenty on offer including a pool, a spa and a gym for the players to take advantages of. There is a level of excitement as last minute preparations are made to host the visitors when they arrive.

It is hoped that having the team at the training camp will help to promote both rugby league and union in the local area which fits neatly with the new initiative Rugby X which will be making its debut in the UK at London’s O2 arena in September amid fears that interest in the sport, at both an amateur and professional level, is dwindling. Having world class players in the area is sure to bring an element of media frenzy, and it is hoped that local young people will be inspired to learn more about the game. It is also expected that it may even encourage tourists to visit the area, perhaps to catch a glimpse of whatever team it is that will be coming, and if all goes according to plan, this is a venue that could become a popular place for teams all over the world to come and train.