Multipower's 100% Pure Whey Protein

Multipower's new Hiqh quality Whey Protein Complex
Multipower's new Hiqh quality Whey Protein Complex

We take a look at Multipower's new Hiqh quality Whey Protein Complex (Isolate primary source), manufactured to support lean muscle growth.

Multipower's HQ whey claims to be 'the most effective protein to use right after an exhausting workout when the body is craving nutrients to repair sore muscles.'

So the hope to achieve this by using the three types of whey, each serving is packed with 24g of pure protein (including 5.7g of BCAAs and 3.8g of L-Glutamine) and has 1.4g of carbs, created primarily for those looking for a lean physique while trying to drop % body fat.

I am impressed with the low amount of sugars which often plague the other whey proteins in the market, being the most affordable way of putting in not only flavour but carbs - an achievement to get a sweet taste with the repercussions.

The flavours are farily standard with a few ad-ons to get those experimentals taste enthusiasts on board: french vanilla, strawberry splash rich chocolate, banana mango, coffee caramel. I feel the way the market is headed there is much more emphasis and refinement on taste then their used to be 10 years ago, so there's nothing to worry about with that.

It’s certainly not the cheapest whey supplement out at £65 for the 2kg tub, but they try to combat this with the array of bulletpoint pros:

  • Native, un-denatured Whey Protein, ultrafiltered
  • Instantized for excellent solubility, easy to digest
  • Only 4% Carbs
  • High BCAA (5,7g per serving) + Glutamine (3,8g per serving) levels
  • Vitamin B6 contributes to a normal protein metabolism and the regulation of hormonal activity
  • Suitable for Vegetarians
  • Aspartame-free

Without the appropriate research you can soon get caught up in these stats, but the important thing for me is that the benefits aren't enhanced via artificial 'add-ons', the less processed material in the whey the better and Multipower are definitely working towards that.

A quick break-down: Multipower's 100% Pure Whey Protein offers 80% high quality Protein from three different sourcess - Whey protein isolate, concentrate and hydrolysate:

While whey protein concentrate has a protein content of around 80%, the protein content of whey protein isolate is more like 90%. This is because whey protein isolate undergoes a process called Cross-Flow Micro-filtration. This separates the protein from fat, cholesterol and lactose meaning a purer protein as the end product. Whey isolates contains the highest percentage of pure protein and can be pure enough to be virtually lactose free, carbohydrate free, fat free, and cholesterol free.

Whey protein concentrate is widely considered to be the most efficient and economical form of protein for the human body to digest and use. Whey protein concentrate is micro-filtered and not heat treated to produce ultra pure protein

hydrolyzed protein, which is created by hydrolyzing, or pre-digesting, intact proteins into a mixture of amino acids and smaller proteins. Some supplement manufacturers’ claim that the “pre-digestion” enhances bioavailability, thereby increasing muscle protein synthesis. Because of their supposed power, hydrolyzed protein can cost as much as 30% to 200% more than their conventional counterparts.

In other words, they all have their benefits so multipower combines them in the hope of gaining all the positives from their different characteristics. Maybe just a gimmick, but for the unscientific (myself included) you can see where they're coming form...

Finally taste: And it turned out the be really quite delicious! The powder mixes very easily into a smooth relatively frothless drink with no lumpy bits or residue at the bottom of the shaker. Unsure of the benefits the splash brings to the strawberry flavour I tasted, but the strawberry flavour was strong and had good consistency. Certainly nothing chemical tasting or artificial. If you can afford the asking price, give it a go, see if they can back up their claims.

RRP £64.99 – 2000g from Multipower.