Most searched travel destinations on the Internet


With the relaxation of quarantine measures and the gradual resumption of tourism, travellers have been thinking long-term and are already looking for their next destination.

But what are the preferences? Skokka will shed light on the topic that is on the minds of many.

Firstly, it is agreed that support for the local tourism industry is key at this early stage of recovery, so travellers are likely to prioritise destinations within their own countries. 

There are a number of reasons, ranging from rising costs to entry restrictions in other countries. This makes international travel plans even more uncertain and risky and makes local tourism steal the scene again, especially if accompanied by a beautiful female companion from Edinburgh.

Lower prices

The pandemic crisis, which aggravated the economic situation worldwide, also increased the importance of price in the purchasing decision. People now pay more attention to it when planning a trip.

Means of transport

Even with airlines reaffirming the safety of flights at this time of pandemic, the preference is still for shorter journeys, preferably by car. This avoids contact with more people and/or objects along the way.

A survey of 20,000 travellers in 28 countries shows that after months of isolation and uncertainty, people still feel like travelling and want to make up for lost time. The majority of travellers were enthusiastic about returning to tourism and said they wanted to travel more in the future to recover the unexploited time in 2020 and 2021.


The pandemic has had the effect of highlighting the importance of contact with nature and the outdoors, especially for those who have spent months indoors in a big city flat. Around the world, since the start of the pandemic, recommendations for outdoor activities have increased.

Destinations close to nature are one of the biggest bets: the trend is that in 2022 people will be looking for more beaches, mountains, hills and rivers. They will also look for more sustainable tourism options that avoid high season and overcrowded locations. 

Another change is the type of accommodation sought

With the adoption of teleworking by an impressive number of people, the tendency to mix work and leisure travel should increase. Therefore, the search for accommodation should highlight information such as the presence of an office in the hotel and the quality of the Internet connection, in particular.

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The UK, Ireland and Australia, for example, are some of the most searched destinations for local tourism on Google.

The UK

The United Kingdom is an island nation in northwestern Europe.

London is the capital and the most populous city of the United Kingdom, with almost 9 million inhabitants, known worldwide for its historical and artistic heritage. House of the Beatles and the monarchy.

The cultural offer of the city makes it an ideal destination for foreign and domestic tourists. London's vibrant scene is a mix of cultures, nationalities, and languages.

There are many things to do there. Visit museums with exhibitions of all kinds, stroll through the beautiful parks, listen to live concerts, and enjoy all the life that a great city has to offer.


Much like the UK, Ireland is a country of greenery. Not surprisingly known as the Emerald Isle, the country of only 4 million inhabitants has a breathtaking beauty.

Whether visiting the Cliffs of Moher, eating fish and chips or drinking a Guinness, surely this destination can surprise. 

The country's famously bad weather doesn't overshadow the warmth of its inhabitants, as the Irish tend to be super friendly and chatty as the Galway female companions rightfully represent when booked.


Australia has had a very different development in the Covid19 than other regions of the world, making it a highly sought after destination.

The country has many nuances, from the historical part to the modern and futuristic buildings. From mountains, forests, jungles to deserts, rivers, lakes and islands. 

Going to museums, squares and gardens are some of the things to do in Australia, but without a doubt one of the biggest attractions is that the country has several beaches, which receive many tourists looking to enjoy a mild climate. The cities also offer a wide gastronomic offer, a result of its multicultural mix. Also the nightlife in the main cities of the country allows you to enjoy a night, alone or with Sydney Escort, a magical night with a multitude of events and activities.

However, even with the progress of the vaccination plans and the gradual resumption of tourism activities, the sector will still take time to recover its numbers. Travel itself has also been transformed. Those who choose to travel are now choosing shorter routes and, consequently, shorter durations to reduce exposure to the virus. This is a new way of resuming the pleasurable activity of travelling.