Most Important La Liga Transfers in 2023


La Liga is a Spanish football league that is one of the most popular leagues in the world considering that some of the best players played for teams like Barcelona and Real Madrid.

Messi and Ronaldo are one of the reasons why so many people watch the Spanish league but they are no longer in La Liga.

The season 2023 comes with a lot of transfers because some of the top teams are left without many important players. Real Madrid hired a lot of young players so research thoroughly before you make La Liga predictions today, but also try to focuse on teams that are not your favorite. They are not the only club making drastic changes but are definitely the one that everyone is focusing on.

Sevilla Is Getting Ready For Champions League

After finishing in 4th place in La Liga and getting into the group stage of the Champions League, they decided to get a few new players to the team. One of the important transfers comes from Arsenal and it was a surprise to some people because he didn’t have great success there.

Nicolas Pepe is looking forward to this transfer because he didn’t get any opportunity in Arsenal even if he cost over $70 million in 2019. Sevilla is trying to sign him for around $15 million which is a great deal if he has the motivation to turn his career around. It will be easier to do the La Liga predictions after these transfers are finished.

Barcelona Leaving Out Players

Even if Memphis Depay didn’t have a bad season in Barcelona, they are looking to get him into the Sevilla deal where they would trade him for Jules Kounde. Depay managed to score 13 goals in 35 matches in one season coming as a free transfer to Barcelona.

He did a great job scoring but there’s no room for him in the team after the arrival of Traore and Aubameyang. His contract expires next year so they will try to get something from him before the contract ends. There’s a huge chance he will be traded because he is a great player and many teams will gladly take him.

Real Madrid Is Back

After winning the La Liga and Champions League titles,  it seems like there isn’t a team that can beat them. Karim Benzema had a season of his life and lead the team to victory. They can comfortably play again with the same team but managers decide to bring new players like Sane that was brilliant in Machester City and a bit worse in Bayern Munich.

Mane came to Bayern and there are rumors that there isn’t a place for Sane so Real Madrid is definitely a great option for him. The only problem is that he has a contract with Bayern until 2025 which means that the amount Real would need to pay is huge.

Raphina Joining Barcelona

Raphina's transfer is also huge for Barcelona because it cost over $70 million for this 25-year-old. He is very happy about this move and he said that the path he is going will be similar to Neymar and Ronaldinho meaning that Barcelona can expect a lot from him.

This task won’t be easy for them considering that he doesn’t score like Neymar and the situation at Camp Nou isn’t very stable meaning that he will need to try extra hard. The first game where he can prove himself will be in the US against Inter Miami. Also, since the first game you will be able to do the La Liga picks when the season officially starts in August.

Hazard Leaving Real Madrid

The news about Hazard leaving Real Madrid was true as they placed him on the transfer list and are ready to take offers. With a lot of injuries in the past few years, it would be hard for him to keep up with the level of this team.

There’s a great chance that we won’t see him in some of the top teams in La Liga. He is still earning enormous amounts so it’s not very beneficial for them to keep him longer.