Interesting quotes from the game of Rugby Union


Rugby is game that is both loved by many and misunderstood by as well. This is because many believe the game to be very violent. As a result, they fail; to see the beauty of it.

However, today we shall look at a few quotes from famous rugby players that just might change the way you look at the game forever.

Famous Rugby Quotes

“Never look to too pretty to play rugby”. This quote is also found at As we all know, Rugby is a game were the way ones clothes look, does not matter. The same should be true in life, the way that we look should not as long as we are a team.

“Rugby is not just a sport, it is way of life.” This is true for most Rugby players. Because of the time that they spend playing, the game ceases to become just a game. It then evolves to be a way of life. You can see traces of the game in all they do.

“Rugby is not a contact sport, it is a collision sport.” If you have watched a rugby game, we are sure that you see how the players batter each other to go through. We should do the same with the problem that we face in life, batter our way till we find a way through them.

“As you play Rugby, pain is your friend, it remains with you as you are still alive.” Rugby player are probably the players who through excruciating pain as they play. However the same is true for all of us as we live. Even real money online casinos gamblers go through some pain as they play their games. We will all go through pain. Because it is in that pain that we learn so many lessons.

“Rugby is a game all about team work and support. To go forwards, you must go backwards.” What we also learn from the game of rugby is the importance of team work. In order a player to win, they have to trust in their team. This is a lesson that all teams show their as they play.