How to enjoy both the uniquie beers and excitement of online casinos while in Japan


Are you an avid fan of unique craft beers and online casinos? If so, there's a great way to enjoy the best of both worlds while visiting Japan - going to one of their many exciting and innovative land-based casinos.

These popular attractions offer amazing experiences that combine spectacular gaming with gourmet craft beers concocted from local ingredients, and Kanmon-mojiko was the first to talk about this trend. Not only this allows you to have fun playing the newest games, but also will treat your palate to some delicious drinks in a setting full of energy and excitement! In this blog post, we'll discuss how to find the best places in Japan for enjoying casino gaming as well as flavorful beer tastings. So let's get started!

What is Craft Beer?

Maybe you have heard of the term “craft beer” before, but you aren’t exactly sure of what it means. If you are going to be traveling to Japan, then you need to know what craft beer is, since it has become a normal type of beer in the country. More importantly, few countries consume beer quite like Japan.

In its most basic definition, craft beer is a beer that is made by a small brewery and generally uses traditional methods to make that beer. Of course, you could get technical about it by stating how many beers would need to be produced to fit into that category, but the key takeaway is that it’s made using traditional methods. More importantly, it’s usually only available regionally. In terms of Japan, it’s usually used to describe beers that aren’t associated with the standard beer, or in other words, the more established and larger breweries.

Brief History of Beer in Japan

The history of beer in Japan is quite interesting, and the industry only really got started in the late 1800s, although it could be argued that the beginning of the history of beer began when sailors from Europe docked in Japan hundreds of years ago. In 1870, Spring Valley Brewery was established by William Copeland and is the same company that became Kirin Brewery Company.

After that, the industry got going, with two breweries being established shortly after. In 1876, Sapporo Breweries was established and after that in the late 1880s, Osaka’s Asahi Breweries was established. The other major breweries launched after that; Orion Breweries in 1957, Suntory in 1963.

Types of Beer Available

Now that you have a better understanding of the history of beer in Japan and what craft beer is, you are probably wondering how to enjoy it and what types of beer are available. As mentioned above, the 5 breweries are the cornerstones of beer in Japan today, and you can find this beer in almost every store, izakaya, or restaurant around the country. These beers are more like pilsner-style lagers since that was the style of beer brought over by the European sailors.

The second major type of beer would be craft beers, which have a more happoshu influence, or in other words, are commonly made using soybeans. Some of the more popular craft beers include Baird Beer, Hitachino Nest, Vertere, Kagua, Riot Beer, and more. These beers deviate from the pilsner-style influence, especially Kagua, which uses ingredients such as yuzu and sansho.

Japanese Craft Beer Festivals

In addition to buying craft beer from stores or restaurants, there are other ways to enjoy craft beer in Japan, such as going to a Japanese craft beer festival. For example, in September, there is a festival called the Great Japan Beer Festival Yokohama, which happens once a year, every year. These craft beer festivals allow beer lovers to get to know their favorite brewers, and give brewers the chance to show off new beers and gain brand recognition.

If you are more of a music lover, you should consider checking out Shiga Kogen's Snow Monkey Beer Live, a festival by Nagano brewer, that mixes the excitement of live music with the love of beer. Then there are also yearly festivals that take place in Okinawa, Osaka, Nagoya, and Tokyo.

Online Casinos in Japan

Now that you are all caught up on the history of beer in Japan, what types of beers are available, and where you can enjoy craft beer in Japan, it’s time to look at another incredibly popular pastime; gambling. One of the most popular forms of gambling in Japan is the pachinko machine, but over recent years, online casinos have become very popular too.

If you have just bought yourself a few craft beers and are looking to play your favorite online casino games in Japan, all you need is a VPN. VPNs will not only hide your IP address and internet browsing activity, but they will also allow you to spoof your location. This will allow you to bypass many online casinos' geographical restrictions. To have a pleasant experience, you should try to find online casinos that accept players using VPNs.