How to choose a betting company: Detailed recommendations


How to choose an online bookmaker? What should I pay attention to first? How to distinguish a fraudulent bookmaker from a legal one?

Are you concerned that your first foray into sports betting would result in a loss of money owing to dishonest bookmakers? It is conceivable. However, if you know what to look for when selecting a bookmaker, you will almost certainly never face fraud.

A newcomer needs to understand how to pick a bookmaker. So let's sort it out together.

How to choose a quality betting company

Let's analyze the main criteria.


The first important point to start today online betting at 1xbet is to pay attention to. If a legal bookmaker works only under license. This information can be found on the bookmaker's website: usually, legal data and screenshots of documents are presented in the "About the company" section.

Bonuses for registration

Agree, when you are greeted with a gift – it is nice. If you choose between two high-class bookmakers, where one offers bonuses and the other does not, you will most likely choose the first one.

But be sure to read the terms and conditions when choosing welcome bonuses, and how to get them. The rules should be written on the bookmaker's website, study the text under all asterisks and footnotes. Because often, to receive a welcome bonus, you will need to fulfill a series of difficult conditions. But there are simpler welcome bonuses.


In addition to a convenient functional website, high-quality bookmakers develop their applications. You can use the best sports betting app in India to place a bet in any place convenient for you, in a bar or right at the stadium. When choosing a bookmaker with applications, again, focus on reviews. Some companies invest in applications, creating a high-quality product that is not inferior in functionality to a full-fledged website, but there are also such offices that develop applications to get off, more for show.

The player should get help and answers to questions at any time of the day. Sometimes it is not even just desirable, but extremely important. Therefore, the best bookmakers organize the work of the team so that employees are ready to help the player at any time of the day or night, and immediately through several communication channels: telephone, online chats, messengers, and e-mail.

Player reviews

Go to popular sites with reviews where people honestly and in detail write about their experience of playing in a particular betting company. Pass the information through the perception filter: there is always the possibility of a paid review if it is too fake, or, conversely, overflowing with hatred and insults.

Personal recommendations

This item saves a lot of time and dispels doubts. If you know friends or acquaintances who have been betting for a long time, specify which bookmaker they do it from and ask the questions you are interested in.

Age of the company

After all, players bet money, so reliability is an important factor when choosing a bookmaker. One of the most revealing factors: is information about how many years the company has been on the market. The older the brand, the more confident it feels, stands on its feet, pays money to players, and does not "throw" anyone.

The size of the coefficients and the variety of the line

The number of events available for betting is also important when choosing a bookmaker: the number of sports, tournaments, and matches. If you are interested in betting not only on wins or losses, it is important to pay attention to the wide painting in the bookmaker's line – the presence of bets on corners, yellow cards, deletions, goals of players, and so on.

Also, if possible, choose a bookmaker who does not save on odds. Because one bookmaker with a bet of $ 100 on the victory of a certain team in the competition, will win 90, and another with the same bet – 85.

Offline betting points

Even though the age of information technology has gone far ahead, offline betting clubs are still in demand. Fortunately, now they no longer look like the basements of buyers of stolen goods, namely as full-fledged clubs: with the opportunity to watch the matches live, in a pleasant atmosphere and a comfortable chair, drink tea or coffee, discuss the match with friends and place a bet on the betting shop.


Finally, it is necessary to point out that there is no such thing as a perfect bookmaker. Nonetheless, this article will assist you in selecting a truly reputable and good office, even if it is not indisputably the only one.