How to Bet on Rugby Matches


Rugby is one of the oldest sports on the planet, but it is still not that popular globally.

It is often indistinguishable from American football to some people, while others can't see the difference between Rugby League and Rugby Union. Of course, to bet successfully on any sport, you have to be aware of the rules and mechanics of the sport. In this article, we will talk about the differences between Rugby Union and Rugby League, and show you the best betting strategies for this sport. 

The Differences between Rugby Union and Rugby League

The first and most obvious difference is the number of players on the field. Union consists of 15 players, while League is played with 13. Even the points are not counted the same. If you get a ball behind the oppositions' try-line, you score five points in Union. In League, the same thing worth only four points. Also, a drop goal worth one point in League, while it worth three in Union.

All these things are very important to know if you want to bet on rugby matches.

Rugby Betting Options

Rugby is a very specific game and one of the few sports in which you can still "beat" the bookmakers. The bettors who know this sport very well can spot the errors in betting offer and capitalize on that. There are some great sites that review some of the best online sportsbooks so that you have an easier time choosing the right one.

Rugby is not that special when it comes to betting markets - you will see the same as in any other sport played with some kind of a ball.

However, if you go into, for example, to win, or totals markets, as the most popular ones in football, you will make a mistake.

The bread and butter of betting on rugby is the handicap market. And the reason why is rather simple - in every major league, and in national team competitions, there is a huge gap in quality between the top and the bottom teams. By following the news from the teams and checking their schedule, you can always presume the outcome of the match. You can even raise the handicap if you are certain that one team will trash another, or you can go for a lesser margin because you see another match incoming for the favorite, so they might play it cool against the outsider, to save the energy for the derby match.

This is why the 1X2 is usually not that great as well. In derbies, you are hesitant to pick the winner in any sport, while there is no point in betting that New Zealand will beat Italy, because that is almost a certainty, so the bookie always gives really low odds for that.

Outright betting is also a thing in rugby. This is the market you can bet on the outright winner of the whole event. For Rugby Union, the most popular events to bet are the World Cup, Six Nations, and Aviva Premiership, with Six Nations probably the best. At Six Nations Cup, you have the top teams compete for the prestigious prize and it literally can be anybody's game on paper. However, if you are an avid fan of this sport, you should have enough info about the teams and the tournament to make an educated guess about the outright winner and win a solid amount of money.

In Rugby League, the most popular events are the World Cup, and Australian and UK domestic leagues.

The Best Rugby Betting Sites

Now when you know the basics of rugby betting you need only an account at some online betting site and you are good to go. However, you must choose your betting partner carefully, because the same site can have different betting margins for different sports. Therefore, betting on rugby at your favorite football site might not be a good idea.

Betting margins are the most important parameter for betting, especially if you already have an account at that particular site, so you are not eligible for a welcome bonus. Betway has the best margins out of the biggest and most popular bookmakers, although MrGreen and PaddyPower are also good. If you search for alternative betting markets you can check MelBet out, and 888Sport is also a safe bet.


This beautiful sport is gained more popularity across the world in the last couple of years. We hope it will continue to grow, not only because of betting, because of the pure excitement and fighting spirit presented by the top players in the world. If you are hooked, stay in touch with the latest rugby news, which will help you immensely in your betting endeavors.