How to bet on rugby and what to keep in mind


If you enjoy rugby, you should investigate your possibilities of betting on the game.

Rugby was originally a sport of England, but since then it has developed and spread across countries. Whether you enjoy the national leagues or the different championships, you can collect some advice on betting on rugby in the following.

This means that the teams might miss some players as they must represent the nation. If you're interested in betting on Rugby and many other sports, take a look at this site for sports betting odds.

Football as a sport has existed for centuries. And different forms of this genre of sport have emerged from different nations and cultures. In the UK some would say that football could be dated back to the 1st century BCE. However, rugby has emerged later as a distant cousin. It is quite atypical for a football game as the ball is oval. However, Rugby has become a very popular sport around the globe with international leagues and tournaments. In 2022 the international competition Six Nations will play off and it will be available on BBC. But what to know to get started betting on this English sport, you will find some answers to in the following. 

Find a trustworthy and safe site

First, you should find a safe site to bet from. This is important as you need to share both personal information and credit information. When these factors are involved, you must mind your online safety. Online gambling activities like betting are legal in the UK, and therefore, you should look for a licence when you are looking for a betting site. The reliable operators will have been granted a licence from the UK Gambling Commission. Finding a reliable site is also an indication that you will be able to find trustworthy information to base your bets on. The right tips will make you able to place educated bets. You can read all the betting tips for the Rugby Union here to make sure that you are prepared and informed.

There’s a difference between Rugby Union and Rugby League

It is important to be aware of the difference between Rugby Union and Rugby League as they operate under different rules, which almost makes them seem like two different sports. In the Rugby Union, each team is made of fifteen players, in the Rugby League a team consists of thirteen players. Both teams compete to try to score a “try” which is rewarded with 5 points. Until these points the two follow the same patterns and rules, trying to score ‘trys’ to collect points. However, Rugby League usually runs much faster than Rugby Union games.  

Formats and tournaments

The Rugby Union is divided into different club competitions like most other sports, like the Gallagher Premiership. And they also have an international game usually followed by a much wider audience such as the European Champions Cup. Keeping up with the different Champions Cup points tables is always useful. The tournaments are playing out at the same time. Even while national matches are taking place. This means that the teams might miss some players as they must represent the nation.