How has mobile gameplay affected the slot game industry?


Mobile gameplay has taken the world by storm over the past decade.

The world of online slots and online gambling at Wizard Slots has grown hugely and at the end of 2020 the industry is on target to hit a worth of USD80bn with the remote industry seeing a 300% increase since the change in legislation in 2014.  

With the introduction of new technology over the past thirty years and the progressive growth of it all playing online slots without visiting a casino is almost the norm these days and it is not just slot games that can now be accessed via an online casino but table games played in the traditional land based casinos can also be experienced this way. 

It is not just online gameplay that has seen a growth though as some land based traditional casinos have also seen growth, in fact the only part that hasn't grown are bingo halls as more and more people are playing this remotely too so there has been a dramatic drop in the traditional land based bingo entertainment industry. Online gambling has become a thriving industry. No one has to visit a traditional land based casino now if they do not want to, players can use smart phones and play from anywhere and anytime that works within their daily life. Online slots work for any level of knowledge and skill and any budget. The different themes of the games also add another level to why they are so popular. If a player likes Marvel, for example, then there are a whole host of Marvel games relating to each individual Marvel super   hero. 

With the introduction and the advancements of new technology it has assisted in the growth of online slots and opened up a new level of entertainment for players who hadn’t gambled in the past at all. The more advanced the technology is, usually the better the game and the graphics and the overall experience especially with mobile technology. It allows improved connectivity and accessibility from anywhere in the world whilst doing anything. The Internet along with tablets, laptops and smart phones has opened up a wealth of opportunities to everyone, emails, chat apps, shopping, social media and, of course, gambling online. Slot machines are no longer restricted to land based traditional casinos and can be played at any time with little effort. 

Initially gaming was via a console but now with the move to mobile gaming it is becoming the fastest growing platform across online gambling. The average person scarily spends up to forty hours per week on their mobile device so it was a simple concept for developers and gambling brands to market and attract responsiveness via a mobile device. A lot of games now are also only developed for the mobile industry and can no longer be played via desktops or even land based traditional casinos. 

Mobile slot machines 

The number of female gamblers has increased hugely. Females appear to want to play online slots in private and prefer using a mobile device and playing on an ad hoc basis rather than having to visit a traditional land based casino. They are then less likely to feel intimidated by male players surrounding them and visiting a traditional land based casino then becomes more of a glamorous night out then a regular thing, which is where mobile game playing is more of an ad hoc experience. Some slot machine themes can also be geared towards the female market therefore making the game more ‘female friendly’. 

There are also specific online casinos dedicated to just females. The themes of online slots cover all aspects of life these days too, check out Kitty Glitter and Cleopatra and lots of games such as Pixies of the Forest, an ornate angelic type slot full of female driven features such as the Tumbling Reels feature. 

As sexist as this sounds game developers will also ensure that the female orientated games aren’t as technical as games aimed more at the generic market or men only. There is usually a nice story to hold on to too. 

Creative England 

With the likes of Creative England, a not for profit organisation supporting the creative industries in England, this initiative has also helped the growth of online slot machines and gaming. Creative England is responsible for the development and support of games, film, creative and digital media as well as production services.  They help the gaming companies with their initial funding, as the UK is the third largest country to attract and attain gaming companies. 

It’s not just the UK market that has seen huge growth, other areas globally have and now players can play alongside each other across the world. There are still gambling restrictions within certain countries but the black market does still make it possible for these countries to partake. 

The mobile slot industry is an industry with huge growth and massive potential creating lots of opportunities both for the players and the people involved in making it      happen. More and more people are now visiting online casinos and playing slot machines on a regular basis even if they have never visited a traditional land based    casino before. The ease and convenience makes it very accessible and now with the advancements mobile technology means people can play at any time and anywhere, even waiting in a queue for a coffee. It is most certainly becoming a good way to wind down and relax and doesn't appear that someone is playing a game but simply that they could be checking emails etc. on their phone. The potential level of guilt at sitting whiling away half an hour during the working day is taken away due to mobile technology and much research does state that people find it relaxing and worthy of their time. In conclusion the online slot and online gambling market is not going to dip in the foreseeable future.