Casino cheats that work


If there is one thing human beings just cannot get away from, it is their innate competiveness and subsequent pungent for a good old spot of cheating too.

There is no arguing with this, we’re sure we have all cheated at something at least once in our lives – it just part of who we are as a species after all. 

Cheating is prominent in all walks of life, of course, however it can often be the most effective in the world of casino, mainly because there is real money on the line almost all of the time. But here’s the thing: casinos are the last ones to make cheating easy on their premises, so the amount of casino cheats that work have been dramatically decreased over the years.  Still though, there are a few you can make use of, read ahead for a lowdown and visit

Old casino cheats to avoid 

First things first, it is important to have a decent understanding of some of the classic casino cheats that no longer work, and you will therefore want to avoid. One of these is the simply yet devastatingly effective coin on a string method for cheating on slot machines. Casino cheats used to drill a small hole through a coin and attach it to a piece of spring, and they were then able to repeatedly trick the slot machine’s input sensor. This one no longer works as casino cheat proofed their slots. 

Particularly clever casino cheats also used to bring powerful magnets with them to the slot halls, and use these to influence where the reels would stop spinning. Funnily enough casinos also quickly cottoned on to this, and wasted no time in making their slots magnet proof. 

Blackjack card counting 

Blackjack card counting is one of the most common ways in which people try to cheat at casino games, although technically it isn’t actually an illegal practise. Nonetheless, almost all casinos hate people that do it, and you would have to be very lucky indeed to avoid getting kicked out once you have been spotted. 

Blackjack card counting works on the principle that, due to the game’s use of a finite number of cards, you can make some very well informed guesses on what is left in the deck, and therefore bet accordingly. The best way to do it is to assign -1 to all small values, 0 to the mid tier values, and +1 to the high value cards. Now all you have to do is keep count, and after a few rounds you will have a pretty good idea of what cards are left in the deck. 

Make full use of online casino deposit bonuses 

In the online casino sphere it is extremely hard to cheat, however what you can do is make full use of things like online casino deposit bonuses that can basically be like getting given free money. We’re not joking: some places offer at least 50 free spins and £250 cash back – cannot argue with that!