Canterbury's 365 training range review


TalkingRugbyUnion reviews rugby brand Canterbury's 2020 365 training range.

On the back of England's 2019 Rugby World Cup run, Canterbury have released a new 365 training range to inspire and help perform at your best on and off the pitch.


These shorts were first developed for RWC 2007 kit, so they have a relatively long refinement time which you can feel in their strength, durability and comfort. The size isn't as tight or short as you may be used to with the traditional rugby short, this update is a comfortable one, and has the look and shape of shorts you might associate more with football.

The stretch gusset and stretch insert panels to side legs gives the shorts more freedom than you'd find with your usual rugby shorts, along with an elasticated waistband which has an internal drawcord for extra security.  The graphical/geometric design is an aesthetic one, and the monochrome colours work with an embroidered Canterbury logo to finish off the black and white look.

Overall we would happily recommend these training shorts to teammates, for a more comfortable and flexible alternative to the traditional rugby shorts.

RRP: £25.00


The Core VapoDri Superlight Graphic Tee is a classic look T-shirt, but is made to train in with it's built-in mositure wicking properties. It's mesh side panels and sleeves give additional breathability and quick drying fabric allows for a reduced wash-to-wear time, ideal for busy rugby training schedules and daily workouts.

The sleeve construction and low profile neck have been carefully designed to offer a great fit for the larger necks and shoulders, perfect for the rugby physique. The colour is bright and bold so make sure you're in the coaches' good books when wearing it because you'll stick out in a training session!

Overall, it's a perfect mix of fit and fabric technology (boostsing the evaporation of sweat) making it a great addition to any rugby players training gear.

RRP: £22.00


This Vapodri 1st layer is a lightweight training jacket that is designed for warmer times or hard workouts with it's quick drying and breathable properties you would associate with Canterbury's VapoDri tag. The VapoDri technology should keep you cool, dry and comfortable during your workouts.

It's made up of a dual fabrication with a knitted jersey main body fabric with a woven overlay and hood. There is a zip pocket for valuables, and on the neck line which isn't ideal for rugby contact sessions where 'zips' can often do harm if caught with skin. The fit is a tight one, which can be a blessing and a curse in the colder months when you need that insulation, but appreciate the moisture evaporating qualities.

Overall this jacket misses the mark somewhat in terms of design for rugby, and with only one colour option (purple), you are limited in terms of fitting that in with your teams' colours.

RRP: £45.00