Canterbury SS16 training range review

Canterbury SS16 training range: Core Hoody and Vapodri Polo
Canterbury SS16 training range: Core Hoody and Vapodri Polo

Canterbury have recently released their new Spring/Summer 2016 training range, and here at TRU we were lucky enough to test some of it out.

The two items of kit we had a look at were:

·        Core Logo Hoody – RRP £45

·        Vapodri Graphic Poly Polo – RRP £26

Canterbury claim the Core hoody 'provides a regular, comfortable fit that moves with you. Featuring a large CCC graphic on the chest, kangaroo pocket and mesh lined hood it's the ideal for choice for training on or off the pitch.'

When pulling the hoodie on, I was struck by a couple of characterisitcs that I hadn't come across before in a hoodie. One was the design of the high neck line, the hood wasn't attached like your 'tradition' hoodie but had a raised bit of fabric around the upper neck/chin area. This was an odd one for me, and in my opinion didn't work as a detailing, it simply meant that the collar area occassionaly chafted and as this was a spring/summer range looking at light weight fabrics I had to wonder if it was there as a potential windbreaker or there as a needless embellishment, but the feature was a little lost on me personally.

The other noteworthy aspect of the hoody was it's thickness or weight, it is a very light hoodie, this maybe a more traditionalist view of the hoodie, but I've always associated it with cold winters evenings on the training fields, hardwearing, bringing the hood up when the wind and rain set in. These hoodies were always weighty, thick affairs which offered warmth and protection throughout the tougher months. Where as the Core hoody I guess is targeting warmer weather, a summertime garment that might not need those before mentioned attributes, so sits in a limbo between winter warmer and summertime long sleeve t-shirt.

Overall I like the fit of the hoody, the contrasting CCC print on the front looks imposing too. I'm just in deliberation as to whether it would take the place of a thicker replacement. I'm sure as the weather turns this could be a great alternative to a heavy-weight hoody.

The polo was said to have their latest VAPODRI technology, stating: 'perfect for gym sessions and running and are designed to improve thermal regulation whilst wicking away moisture to enhance performance. The material will wick away moisture 75% faster than cotton.'

After wearing the polo for a training session the first thing that struck me was the light-weight fabric, it's easy to see why (without having the neccessary stats) that this fabric breathes alot more efficiently when compared with a cotton garment. My issue would be the potential for wear and tear after a long perod of uses, would this 'summery' fabric show weakness after some intense training sessions further down the line.

The fit is a good one for the larger upper body gentlemen amongst us, sits neatly accross the shoulders and show a still ability to flex around the body and midriff (always impportant). The colours are vibrant, and theres is an striking choice of geometric print on the polyester material, something you wouldn't wish to wear if you we looking to sneak under the radar at a gym workout (for example), but bold isn't always a bad thing.

Overall this Vapodri poly is an impressive hybrid between a comfortable cotton polo and a functional gym top. With the RRP at £26 it is well worth the purchase and a great addition to any active wardrobe.

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