Can a Weighted Blanket relieve muscle pain?


Muscle pain prevents one from enjoying a good night's sleep.

Premium weighted blankets can help ease the pain. It is good to have multiple pain management tools. They will vary in effectiveness, level of convenience, and how often you will need to use them. Weighted blankets are pain management tools. They are slightly heavier than other blankets to offer more comfort while one is asleep. A weighted blanket also helps to manage other disorders such as;

·        Panic and post-traumatic disorder
·        Fibromyalgia and arthritis discomfort
·        Relieve anxiety and depression
·        Stress management
·        Treatment of restless leg syndrome

How weighted blanket helps to relieve muscle pain

Weighted blankets, unlike physical therapists, can be carried everywhere. That way, you can experience pain relief whenever it becomes unbearable. Research shows that the weighted blankets affect sensitizing hormones release that helps to relieve pain. Here are some of the ways the weighted blanket helps in pain relief;

1.     Sensitize release of endorphins

A weighted blanket helps to sensitize pain receptors to release endorphins. Endorphins help to suppress pain and enhance one's comfort.

2.     Enhance sleep quality

When one is not in pain, the production of serotonin is high. With the increase in serotonin, there is a decrease in cortisol that keeps one awake. That way, one can enjoy a deep painless sleep for a long time. Through quality sleep, muscles relax, and that helps in pain relief too.

3.     Calms the nervous system

The pressure and warmth that one generates when they swaddle in the weighted blanket calm the nervous system. Consequently, that coupled with the pressure on the muscles helps to relieve pain.

How to choose a weighted blanket

The effectiveness in pain management of a weighted blanket depends on various factors. These are factors such as:


To reap the benefits of a weighted blanket, ensure that it is at least 10% of the body weight. You should opt for a custom-made weighted blanket so that you can get an appropriate one for your body weight

Type of fabric

Choosing the right fabric will help prevent allergic reactions. You may opt for either cotton, polyester, or silk material. For kids, opt for exciting colors and prints so that they enjoy covering themselves.


Again, a custom-made blanket ensures that you get the right size. The size should be big enough to swaddle your entire body.  Weight should be distributed evenly in the blanket for it to be effective in pain relief and so that you can enjoy all the other benefits of using the blanket.

The discomfort from muscle pain can be unbearable sometimes. Health experts recommend physical therapy and proper diet as the most effective pain management tools. Most people prefer a weighted blanket for pain relief because it is more affordable when compared to the cost of hiring a physical therapist. It also has no side effects like some of the effective pain killers. A weighted blanket also offers comfort and helps relieve stress. A proper diet, an exercise regimen, and physical pressure application are recommended for better muscle pain management.