Balancing Rugby and Education | Time Management Tips


Efficient time management is an important skill for college students taking part in athletics.

For most people, the freshman year is the first time they are fully responsible for planning their schedules and prioritizing tasks. With many homework to complete within a short time, many students find it hard to even find time to have fun with friends. If you are a rugby player, then things can be even more hectic as you will need to create time for practice and games.

We know that new student-athletes can often find it particularly challenging to create a routine that allows them to effectively balance the rigors of academic life with their sporting commitments. To help you get into your new role of being a rugby player at the college level and the growing academic demands, we have compiled some insights on how to juggle your commitments.

Begin by Setting Your Goals

To be successful as a student engaged in sporting activity, you have to start by setting clear goals, both on the pitch and for your academics. This could mean targeting a specified GPA or getting specific grades for your courses, or even getting into the dean’s list. With so much work to do, it can be difficult to remain focused if you are not putting your effort towards specified goals.

Clarify Your Priorities

At this stage in your life, there will be a lot of responsibilities and interests. For student-athletes, determining where to start can be challenging when there are a lot of things competing for attention. There are assignments to work on, exams to study for, and workouts to attend. You may have even been persuaded to get a job to supplement your finances. Within rugby as a sport, your training sessions will be clearly planned.

However, when it comes to academics, you will have the duty of prioritizing. We often encourage students to start by prioritizing the most important tasks when tackling weekly academic projects. If you peruse your schedule and feel overwhelmed, you could benefit from essay writing service delivered by online professionals.

Try Observing a Routine

Now that you are in college, there will be no one to guide you when it comes to scheduling. You will have to decide when to attend classes, take meals, and go to sleep. Since you are also taking part in sports, the responsibilities may be overwhelming. Please note that creating a habit can lower the level of uncertainty regarding how and when to fit projects and study times into your busy schedule. Try working on a routine at the start of the academic semester, adjusting during the initial weeks.

Remain Healthy and Eat Well

Although you are busy, you will need to remain healthy to manage all the responsibilities. You have to take care of both your physical and mental health. Try to have a balanced diet every time and avoid skipping meals. Also, drink lots of water and avoid sugary and carbonated drinks. Your budget may be tight, but there are ways you can get good food without hurting your pockets, especially if you prepare them on your own.

When it comes to mental health, try to avoid stressful situations as much as possible. Also, working on your assignments well before their deadlines will prevent anxiety attacks when the papers are due. Most importantly, don’t hesitate to seek counseling if there are issue troubling you, whether on the pitch or in your personal life.

Remain Organized

Keeping your academic life ordered can be critical in creating free space for rugby workouts. You could use the periods freed to research and draft assignments. Consider creating sperate files and notepads, particularly when you have multiple classes. Keep your notes orderly and easily accessible. Remember, avoiding clutter is critical when organizing your academic resources.

Benefit from Checklists

Ever heard of to-do lists? Creating checklists for your days and weeks could prove critical if you want to remember all the work you should complete. Some students benefit from color-coding tasks depending on the level of urgency and significance. With a clear checklist, you will know which assignments to tackle first and which one demands considerable research and analysis.

Balancing your academics and athletic responsibilities may seem challenging in college, but it is possible. There will be times when the tasks that you need to handle will seem insurmountable. Rugby will seem to encroach on your classwork, and you may not even have room for socializing. Try to organize yourself, but don’t hesitate to seek help if you feel overwhelmed. Striking a balance that works may take time, but it will be key to your success and happiness when in college.