Sci-MX Pro V-Gain™ Protein Review

Sci-MX Pro V-Gain
Sci-MX Pro V-Gain

We take a look at Sci-MX's new release - Pro V-Gain. An advanced blend of rice, soy and pea proteins ideal for non-dairy, gluten free and vegan diets

When choosing a protein powder, many would admit they are guilty of going on the recommendation of their gym buddy, whatever tastes good or which has the best packaging. But for those of us with allergies or restricted diets, it can be more of a challenge to find a suitable protein supp with all the benefits of whey but which remains completely dairy, gluten and animal free.

The answer?

Sci-MX have introduced Pro V-Gain Protein, which is 100% plant-based protein comprising a blend of rice, soy and pea proteins. With 33g of protein per serving, it seriously rivals some of its whey counterparts on protein content, which makes it perfect for post-training consumption to promote muscle growth. It also has a high dosage of amino acids to aid recovery. Pro V-Gain Protein comes in 900g or 2.2kg tubs.

Taste and Texture

Despite its veggie ingredients, Pro V-Gain Protein is surprising yummy, and tastes nothing like peas! Available in three flavours, chocolate, vanilla and strawberry, it’s refreshing to see a brand sticking to classic and delicious flavours rather than some of the more bizarre options out there. (Jam Roly Poly protein anyone?)

We tried the chocolate flavour and found it was no less creamy or smooth than the chocolate flavoured whey proteins we’ve used before – you really wouldn’t guess Pro V-Gain Protein is dairy free. In fact, we even found ourselves adding more water than usual to cope with the intense chocolaty flavour, which is akin to a plain milk chocolate.

(It is worth pointing out that the powder also tasted great when mixed with milk and used to make protein oats and pancakes – but obviously, vegans and vegetarians should stick to mixing with water as recommended!)

Value for money

Coming in at £27.99 for 900g and £59.99 for 2.2kg, Pro V-Gain protein is around 3p per gram, which is slightly cheaper than the Sci-MX whey alternatives, making it a good option if you’re strapped for cash and not restricted by diet.

Compared to other plant-based proteins, there are admittedly cheaper products other there but whether they are as tasty or effective remains to be seen.


Whether it’s made from animal products or not, no protein powder is a magic formula to give us rippling muscles overnight so it’s hard to say if Pro V-Gain Protein really does help the growth and maintenance of muscle mass. But Sci-MX have a good reputation for quality products, so we could assume that when used in conjunction with a good diet and fitness regime, this protein could be just as effective as Sci-MX’s whey powders.  


For those looking for a protein supp where taste is a priority, Pro V-Gain Protein is a delicious option for vegans and non-vegans alike. Despite not being the absolute cheapest plant-based protein powder out there, you really are getting your money’s worth in terms of no-frills flavour and quality.

Get your Pro V-Gain here, and try it for yourself.