Timisoara Saracens punished after poor maintenance of playing surface

Timisoara Saracens have been punished over the state of their pitch
Timisoara Saracens have been punished over the state of their pitch

European Professional Club Rugby have come down hard on Timisoara Saracens after their competition against Stade Francais last weekend was cancelled due to unfit conditions.

An independent disciplinary committee appointed by the board revealed that Romanians did not take necessity measures to protect the pitch as a result of which Stade Francais were awarded five points while the hosts Timisoara Saracens were slammed with a £26,000 fine.

A statement from European Professional Club Rugby read: "The committee determined that Timisoara Saracens' preparation of the playing surface was deficient in that pitch covers were not provided, the undersoil heating system was not ready in good time and that no suitable alternative venue for the match was available.

"The committee also found that there were no exceptional circumstances and it decided to award five match points to Stade Francais Paris on the basis of a four-try bonus point result of 28-0 and imposed a fine of 30,000 euros on Timisoara Saracens."

Stade Francais have consolidated their position at third and now have 16 points from five games in Pool 5 just below Harlequins, who have 18 points. The two teams will lock horns with each other in the next round in a bid for a spot in the knock-out stage.


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