The top international Rugby teams in the World


Rugby Union, or simply known all over the world as rugby is a contact team sport.

Originated in England and now played almost all over the globe, this sports has become one of the most played and have millions of fan following. There are countries in all the continents of the world that excels in Rugby. With the 9th Rugby World Cup fast approaching in Japan, spirits are getting higher for all the participating teams, and fans alike. This will be the first time an Asian country is going to host a Rugby World Cup, so it makes this world cup even more important and special for everyone.

Rugby Union – One of the followed sports in the world

Rugby has a lot of similarities and differences with American Football, and Australian Rules football. Although this is not the part of our bargain in this article, we are going to have a little sneak peek in this sports rules. This sport is based on running with the ball in hand, and the limit is the line on the other end. Unlike football or soccer, the ball used in rugby is not round or sphere. It is oval in shape and the playing field is a rectangle with H shaped goalposts on each end. This sport is played by both males and females, and there are around 2.36 million registered players all around the world.

Today, Rugby is played all over the world internationally as well as in domestic leagues. World Rugby, which was known previously as International Rugby Football Board regulates all the rules and international matches, with affiliate boards of each country controlling the domestic leagues. Today, 101 countries are full members of World Rugby along other 18 countries as associate members.

Due to the influence of the British Empire on all its colonies, Rugby emerged as favourite sports in almost every part of the British Empire. As sports grew popular with time, other European and worldwide countries also adopted it and started developing their teams. Today, it is a top sport in countries like England, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, Australia, France, Georgia, Fiji, Samoa and Tonga. New Zealand has won the most world cups, followed by the South African team, which is also known as Springboks.

Rugby Kings and impending World Cup in Japan

More recently, the South African team has developed into a fan favourite nation in rugby, with so many leagues being played on the national level, you can watch any match and enjoy to the fullest. To enjoy top rugby, you can travel to any South African City. You can find cheap flights to Johannesburg or any other city in order to watch rugby matches of their top domestic teams. You can also visit New Zealand to enjoy top rugby domestic leagues and tournaments. There are so many places to visit if you are a true rugby fan. The next best destination for you will be Japan, as the biggest event on rugby calendar is going to take place there. So for all the good reasons, start preparing your trip to Japan, and enjoy the best time of your life, supporting your national or favourite team and players.

Top international teams of Rugby in the world

Following are some of the best teams in the international arena of the sports we so dearly love. Check this list out and put your money on these teams accordingly during the Rugby World Cup 2019.

New Zealand

New Zealand is the hot favourite team to win the upcoming rugby world cup in Japan. They are currently ranked highest, and the form their players carry, it is no doubt this team can defeat any other to win the championship for the fourth time. They are also the defending champions of this sports, so look out for them.


The Irish team is one of the best rugby teams in the world. Rugby originated on the island of Ireland and there is no surprise why this team is rated so high in this list or any other list. Irish Rugby team is currently ranked number 2 on the international rankings. They have a very strong team and can beat any nation on any given day. They will surely give a great time to New Zealand in the upcoming world cup.

South Africa

Springboks is currently ranked 5 on the international rankings. However, this team has the best potential to beat any team on any given day. This is why they are ranked 3rd on this list. This team has the most passion to play the sacred sports of rugby, and players are exceptionally build to play any opponent. The whole South Africa becomes one when Springboks are playing and wear their hearts on their sleeves.


England is ranked on number 4 on this list as they are ranked internationally. This team has previously won a world cup in 2003, and this year they walk in the event as one of the most favourites. Only time will tell if they are able to repeat their previous heroics later in the year,


Australian Rugby team is known as Wallabies. They are 2-time world champions of Rugby, and their aims are always very high in every tournament. So you can expect them to give a tough time to every other highly ranked team in this list.


The French team has always been the underdogs of the rugby. They have played the final of the Rugby world cup thrice and lost on every occasion. They have also made a lot of appearances on the final stages of the tournament but all their efforts have drained down in vain. But 2019 is another opportunity for them, and although they are ranked 8 in World Rugby’s rankings, we have rated them highly in this list. They are a force to be reckoned with on their day and can upset any other team in this list. So look out for them, and place your money wisely in the upcoming world cup, as the French team is capable of doing the unthinkable.