The Basics of how to bet on a rugby game


Rugby is one of the fastest growing sports around the globe, and it becomes more and more popular

It is a high scoring game with tonnes of market making it an excellent match for betting.  The birth of rugby is an exciting story in the sporting history due to how it was started. In 1823, a 16-year-old student studying known as William Webb Ellis picked up a ball and ran with it while playing soccer. Since then rugby betting rules were created before the sport was disbanded into two codes namely rugby union and rugby league. This game offers lots of opportunities that can help one make profits. The following are ways in which one can win by betting on rugby games.

Unlike other sports betting consists of two different games and understanding them differently will help one on how to bet. Here is the difference between the two rugby sports;

Rugby Union

15 players play the rugby union and last for a whole 80 minutes. The primary aim of this game is for the player to make sure that the grounds the ball in a marked section at the opponents’ end of the pitch as explained here. Grounding the ball will help one score a ‘try’ which is usually worth 5 points. Some of the basic rules in rugby union include:

ü    A whole match lasts for 80 minutes that is two halves each 40 minutes.

ü    You have to outscore your opponent to win.

ü    The following methods can be used to keep scores; conversion (2 points), drop goals (3 points), penalty kick (3 points) and tries (5 points).

ü    The team should have at least 15members.

ü    While playing, the ball can only move backwards unless in exceptional cases where the player prefers to use the ball with their head or boot.

ü    One can use a scrum in the event of a break which can be used to restart the game, after knock-ons or forward passes.

ü    When the ball is thrown in over arm and is out of play, a line out may be used to restart the game.

ü    A free kick is also taken in all other restart events.

A try is scored when a player applies downward pressure on the ball while he or she is on the opponents’ goal area. A goal area is an area between the try line and the dead ball line, and this means that a try can, therefore, be awarded to a player if only he or she has the ball safely in his hands.

Rugby League

In rugby league, the teams try hard to outscore each other by scoring try, conversions or the drop goals. some people consider this sport more fast-paced compared to rugby union.  Some of the rugby league rules include;

ü    One must outscore his or her opponent to win the game.

ü    A match takes 80 minutes to complete that is two halves of each 40 minutes.

ü    The following methods can be used to score points; conversion (2 Points), penalty kick (2 points) tries (4 points) and drop goals (1 Point).

ü    Each team consists of 13 players.

ü    While in play, the ball can only travel backwards unless when an exception is made when the players prefer using the ball with their head or boot.

ü    Each time is only allowed to have the ball for a period of 6 plays or tackles, and after that, they must hand over the ball possession to their opponents.  Most teams tend to take advantage of the kicks at their 6th phase to gain more ground.

ü    A scrum can be used to restart the game after knock-ons and forward passes.

Rugby Betting Rules

All rugby bets are mostly settled within the standard game time frame, and this includes the additional time, stoppage time and the over time. Once a bettor abandons his or her game, then all their bets will be refunded and settled void. In case the match is postponed due to unavoidable circumstances, the chance will still stand if the game is rearranged and set to play within seven days of the original date.  You can read more about the betting rules and can play on Here are some betting tips that one should have:

Available Market-it is critical to ensure that you use a platform that offers the three primary markets for rugby betting. The most common basic bet types amongst sports include money line, handicaps and totals.

Money Line- in rugby betting, the money line is a form of bet where you place your bet on the teams that you think will win the match. It applies to both rugby union and rugby league. It is also considered the purest form of betting.

Handicap- after learning how to bet using money line method, bettors will then proceed to use handicap betting to find more profit. This method involves giving an advantage to one team to make your game more balanced. The team with a real handicap must win, draw or even lose by less than the amount used to place the bet for them to win. On the other hand, the negative handicap team must win by more than the amount set to ensure that their bet wins.

Totals- this is another form of the best online casino. The bettors place a bet on the total number of points to be scored in a match. The bettor will bet if the scores will be over or under the set amount.

With these strategies, one will be able to bet fast and efficiently. This article will also help to expand a bettor’s knowledge from the basics of how to bet on a rugby game and the ability to gain more profit from betting markets.