Quit the Rumour - Bryan Habana is alive and well

Bryan Habana is looking forward to #RWC2017
Bryan Habana is looking forward to #RWC2017

One of the things you can’t take away from sports fans is the fact that they will always want to know about the conditions of their loved stars.

This urge to know about the off-field condition of those they like to see on their TV screens or on the pitch of sports can lead them to a sort of obsession that they want to know everything about the players. This includes getting information or news about their life once it breaks, as their health status is also considered when betting on live sports odds.

Because the entire world is not Africa where you are branded a bad person for asking questions about the life of people, no one should blame fans when they show some signs of anxiety to know about their favourite rugby player Bryan Habana, especially when there are rumours about his life. Yes, Africa has a lot of ridiculous beliefs in the sense that when people are seen asking many questions about the life of a person in the public eye, they could be blackmailed with the accusation that they are wishing that person dead. That is why it is possible for the Vice President of a country not to know the health status of the president and is not allowed to ask, to avoid being branded suspicious. Everything is shrouded in mystery and transparency is dead.

But this is not to be applied in the case of the South African Rugby Union player who was said to have been shot dead in Paris. All the people asking the questions need to be clarified about the status of their star player. But it is also their obligation to accept and take the explanations given to them from the appropriate quarters and to halt the rumour that the 33-year-old man is dead. This is not the case of american football betting tips that could be speculated as wished without qualms. The life of a human being is involved and decency should be applied.

The social media has been agog with the news of the player being killed in Paris. This was started by the Houstonchronicle-TV.com report that the 2007 rugby world cup winner was shot and killed by an unknown gunman. The report went ahead to say that the player was discovered dead in a pool of his own blood.

But when you look at the antecedents of the online newspaper, you will see news like the Queen of England banning the English Premier League and Usain Bolt retiring from international sports. This tells of its level of credibility.

But to quell this unfortunate rumour, the player made a video of himself where he said:

"Hello guys, Bryan Habana here, just checking in with you all".

He went ahead to say in a twitter post "Apparently there is a massive rumour or false story going around that I've been killed.

"But as you can see I'm all alive, I'm doing well and enjoying the south of France.

"So yeah, all good, it's actually unbelievably disturbing that people can do stuff like that, which has a massive impact on people's lives.

"So thank you to all of you that have been concerned, but as you can see, I’m doing well. All the best, go well, bye!"

Anybody that has spread this rumour on one platform or the other when it broke out from the malicious Houstonchronicle-TV.com, should be modest enough to correct it by putting out information that the death rumour is not true.