Players need to be honest about their head injuries - Headway

Ospreys' Wales international Dan Biggar suffered a head injury against Leinster
Ospreys' Wales international Dan Biggar suffered a head injury against Leinster

Brain injury charity Headway has urged the players to be honest about their head injuries and inform the concern medical team immediately before the problem escalates.

The reaction from Headway comes following the recently concluded Pro 12 clash between Ospreys and Leinster where Dan Biggar stated that he felt "a little bit dazed" after he missed a match winning late penalty in the game.

Biggar left the field in the 57th minute and returned back nine minutes later following a head injury assessment from Ospreys medical team.

Headway chief executive Peter McCabe highlighted the problem of concussion based injuries and urged the players to co-operate with the team doctors and medical staff.

"It is extremely concerning to hear a player admit to feeling dazed following a head injury and yet not inform his medical team.

"Identifying concussion is not an easy task, particularly in the pressured environment of live professional sport. It can be an evolving condition with the symptoms not always immediately obvious.

"Players must take some responsibility by being honest with medical staff and admitting to feeling dizzy, nauseous, or dazed, for example.

"Professional rugby players are better supported than ever before when it comes to understanding concussion, which is otherwise known as a minor traumatic brain injury. The question has to be asked, however, is whether or not the message is getting through.

"Continuing to play while feeling dazed sets a poor example for grassroots players to follow and indicates more needs to be done to educate players on the dangers of playing on following a concussion.

"In the meantime, it is vital that rugby stays true to the principle of 'If in doubt, sit it out!'."