New to Rugby Betting? Here’s all you need to know to get started


If you’ve just registered for an account with one of the top bookmakers for rugby such as BetVictor, and now you’re looking to take your love and knowledge of the sport to the next level, it’s important you have the right tips at your disposal to ensure you get an advantage over the bookies.

Betting on rugby is a different kettle of fish to other sports, as there’s plenty that can change and so much more than can go wrong. If you’re new to betting on rugby, consider implementing the following tips into your betting strategy.

Always Do Your Research

The more you research, the better chances you have of finding something the bookmakers have overlooked. You could settle for researching the recent results of both teams and hope that’s sufficient enough. However, if you want to take your betting seriously and gain an advantage, it’s crucial you research as much as possible. It doesn’t matter if you’re betting on the rugby league or rugby union, spending the time to research will pay dividends.

Let’s look at some of the research points to consider:

  • Recent results – Of course, you’ll want to judge the form of teams in recent fixtures so you can get an insight as to how they’re playing.
  • Player injuries – If a team is missing a big player, it could prove to be costly to their performance. The same goes for player suspensions or even personal reasons why they might not play.
  • Head to Head results – Recent results will give you a good indicator as to how a team is performing, but researching previous results between both sides could be crucial.
  • Attacking/defensive mentality – As well as looking at the recent results, it’s wise to consider how many tries are being scored by both teams. Some teams have an attacking mentality and like to outscore opponents, whereas others stay defensive and try to catch their opponents off-guard.
  • The competition – If it’s a cup game, a team might play new or younger players and see what happens rather than taking the competition seriously. But, if it’s a league game, teams will want to achieve the best result possible.

Some punters even go as far as checking the weather and pitch conditions because they know certain players thrive from playing on different surfaces. There’s plenty you can research – don’t just stop at recent results, otherwise, you’re never going to gain an advantage over what the bookmakers already know.

Understand the Markets

As with many other sports, rugby league also has a host of betting markets to choose from. As standard, you’ll be able to put your money where your mouth is on whether a team will win, draw or lose. It’s also possible to bet on the number of tries scored in a game, along with the total number of points. Understand the different markets before you place a bet – there’s nothing worse than getting excited about winning a bet when you’ve actually lost it.

Stick to What You Know

If you know rugby union like the back of your hand, stick to betting on rugby union. If you play rugby league for your local club, bet on rugby league. If you have more experience with one type of rugby than the other, there’s no reason why you won’t have better knowledge to give you an instant advantage.

Betting should always be undertaken with a fun perspective, but you should always take it seriously if you want to profit from it. The same can be said for the numerous markets and different countries that play rugby. Australian rugby league differs from that of rugby league in the UK in terms of playing style – so only bet on rugby league in the UK if that’s what you know.

Always Compare the Odds

Just because you have an account with one bookmaker doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have an account with another. If you feel comfortable using just the one bookmaker – happy days. But, if you were to compare your odds with various other bookmakers, you could open more profit potential. Many bookmakers offer similar odds on events anyway, but they do differ slightly – so why not take advantage?

Always Stick to a Staking Plan

When it comes to gambling, you’ll only want to bet what you can afford to lose, but that’s not the only thing that needs to be considered in that department. It’s all about trying to handle your money right so you not only enjoy betting on your favourite rugby games, but you always stay in with a chance of profiting from your experience. Come up with a staking strategy and only bet a certain amount of money on an event with certain odds. Stick with a staking plan and you’ll find you enjoy betting on rugby more, and it could provide many more rewards in the process.

Take Advantage of Online Tips

Once you’ve done your research and you understand the various betting markets, you might want a second opinion of your selection from time to time to give you more confidence. This doesn’t mean you should change your selection just because a top punter thinks otherwise, it just means you should look at some of the top tips to see what other punters have researched. You could have missed something important that would have changed your selection, so compare your selections with others to gain more knowledge.

Bet on Rugby In-Play

A lot can change between the day before a rugby game takes place and 5 minutes into it. In fact, the odds can change a lot because punters themselves have an impact on how odds change depending on their stakes. For example, if the Newport Dragons were favourites at 1/3 to beat Cardiff Blues tomorrow, by the time the game starts tomorrow, Newport Dragons could well be 1/2 or something similar.

Therefore, you would get better odds (and more profit) if you were to wait for the game to start. This can, of course, change considerably and sometimes betting two days before an event takes place could provide more profit potential. However, punters like to bet in-play these days because they like to see how a team is playing before they put their money where their mouth is. 

Always Stay Disciplined

When it comes to betting on any sport, it’s important you remain disciplined so you’re not wasting money on pointless selections that offer little to no chance of winning. Discipline is the ultimate personal skill that sets good and poor punters apart. If you want to take betting seriously and get rewarded handsomely, having discipline in heaps will make the difference. Discipline is all about knowing when to walk away and realising it’s not your day. But, it’s also about only betting on what you know rather than what’s currently in-play, sticking to staking strategies, and only betting what you can afford to lose. Stay disciplined and you’ll always be rewarded.

Betting on rugby is a tough ask to earn profit from, but with the right research process in place, the ability to see things differently to the bookmakers, and the many resources online at your disposal – you can ensure betting on rugby is a fruitful and fun all-round experience.