5 tips and tricks for Sports Betting


It is very common for a big part of sports bettors to be actual fans of a certain sport, team or player. And while understanding the game can be somewhat advantageous for punters making less risky bets, professional bettors rely more on math rather than pure guess. If you want to take sports betting more serious, you might want to pay a close attention to the mathematics involved in making prosperous bets with online slots uk

If you are looking forward to improving your betting history, you should learn at least a few basic math skills which will help you change your experience in a more lucrative direction. Keep reading and you will learn five tips and tricks that will help you with the mathematics aspect of sports betting.

Use Math to Set Your Budget

If you use math, you will be able to set your budget in the best way possible. Pick a small portion of your monthly budget as the amount you would wager on sports. Having a fixed betting allowance will help you develop a proper strategy that will aid you in achieving a steady betting. When you determine a fixed amount for your stakes make sure that it fits your budget and you do not go over it. You have the freedom to either pick a certain amount that you would always wager until you run out of money or choose to wager the same percent every time you place a bet. The second strategy implies that the size of your stakes will be determined by the fluctuations in your betting budget.

What is Vig or Juice?

One of the most important mathematical aspects of sports bets is the vigorish (vig) or juice as some punters call it. You have to pay attention to the vig, as it will help you pick the most profitable option when you are picking a best sites to bet on sports. If you are making a bet on a match played by two teams with equal chances of winning, you would expect to win even money when you are placing a stake. This, however, cannot be seen at sportsbooks as the so-called vig is their way of profiting from your bets. This is why you may see some odds like 5/6 on each of the equal teams. This would mean that a wager of $100 would potentially award you with only $83 in addition to your stake.  

The Profitable 52.4%

As the vig is the bookmakers’ way to make a profit, punters will often ask themselves, what percentage of wins will mean that they really have made a progress. The magical number that must be reached is 52.4%. Only after surpassing this percentage, you can say that you have finally made your sports betting profitable. This estimated point that you have to overcome is calculated with the vig of the bookmaker in mind. As online sportsbooks have become extremely popular, punters have better chances to shop for the best-valued odds. Not only do odds show what is the expected win but they also give information about the vig of the bookie. The lower the juice is, the better chances you have to go beyond 52.4% 

What is Considered a Good Winning Record?

 As it was mentioned earlier, anything above the break-even point of 52.4% is considered profitable. And while you may hear of 55% winners, you can be sure that these bettors are more like urban legends rather than common cases among punters. Even people who are placing sports bets professionally can often have a record of only 53%. And before you disregard this percentage as pretty low, you might want to make a few simple calculations. They will show you that there is actually a huge difference between achieving 52% and 53%. After all, anything that is beyond the break-even point will bring you real wins and you will be on the profitable side of sports betting. If you are determined to become a 55% winner, you might be quickly disappointed by the end result. If you, however, maintain the level of 53%, there is nothing to worry about as you are actually winning money.

Use Math for Bonus Offers 

If you are placing your stakes online, then you have probably noticed that there are numerous web-based sportsbooks which offer various promotions to their members. Before you go head-first into claiming different bonuses, it is advised you calculate whether a certain insensitive will help you with your sports betting or will make you lose your money faster. Do not be fooled by the maximum amount you can receive for making a deposit at a virtual bookie. What you should pay attention to is the percentage of the match bonus. A higher percentage would indicate that you can make a lower deposit and enjoy a reward, higher than what another online sportsbook is offering. What is more, you should always pay attention to the wagering requirements for each bonus. Some bookmakers require you to wager both your bonus and deposit and often there is a fixed odd rate you can bet on if you are trying to meet the wagering requirements. This is why you should be well aware of the bonus conditions before you claim it.