Getting involved with Rugby as a Student: Can it help your future profession?


Rugby is a sport that has amassed quite a big fan base over the years.

It is a sport that, on many occasions, is associated with physical strength owing to the amount of tackling, pushing, and shoving that is involved in it. 

Rugby is not just a sport. There is a lot that is in the game that helps the player grow in many aspects of their life. Here are some of the ways the sport may contribute positively to your future profession.

The sport promotes teamwork

Rugby is a sport that relies on teamwork. The players have to work as a team to play a good game. Trusting your teammates to do their role well in the field contributes significantly to wins. You need to understand everyone’s strengths and weaknesses in the game. That way, you can play effectively in the field. 

Learning how to work with others is something that people struggle with within the workplace. This teamwork will help you work and relate better with people in a work setting, no matter the profession.

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It builds confidence

Rugby is a very expressive sport. It is a sport that puts the player in the spotlight every once in a while. To point things out, you need to be confident enough to speak in front of a crowd. 

Being able to do this will boost your confidence significantly and help you deal with shyness and as a grown-up in the workplace, you will be able to give your opinions, criticisms, or advice in meetings, to employers, and even colleagues.

It helps you deal with setbacks

In rugby, you have to deal with a lot of lost games. It is normal to lose every once in a while. No one, however, enjoys a loss. After every game, despite the outcome, teammates motivate each other and come up with a better strategy for the next game. 

Similarly, whatever profession you decide to take on in the future, you will have to deal with a lot of rejection and failure but that is life. Regardless, you have to stand back up, get a better strategy and continue.

Rugby helps you think ahead of others

Rugby requires a lot of quick thinking. As a player, you need to be able to quickly spot an area of weakness in your opponent's play or quickly spot an opening for a touchdown or even a tackle. For this, you need to be able to think quickly and ahead of your opponents. 

To survive in an already saturated market, you need to be able to find gaps in the market and work on them. In an already saturated job market, you need to be able to find weaknesses in the market you are in and work on them so that even if you are offering a similar product or service, it stands out.

Rugby helps keep you disciplined

You require a great deal of discipline and commitment in rugby. You need to be constantly practicing, be on a good diet to maintain your energy for the sport and so much more. 

Discipline can help you when you are starting in the job market. It can help you when saving the salary you earn and how you manage the money you earn from your work. Discipline will not only be handy in a business but also in an office setting. You need to be disciplined to meet deadlines and generally perform your roles better.


Rugby is a sport that helps you grow in a wholesome manner. It’s not just a sport to keep you fit or to help you get into college or just a good pass time. There are so many good life skills that you can derive from the sport, not to mention the valuable friendships you will have made. If you happen to have an interest in the sport, don’t hesitate. There is just but so much to gain.