Gambling Operators sponsoring Rugby Teams explained


The number of gambling companies sponsoring top-league football teams has hit an all-time high, and GambleAware fears that this could be a ‘tipping point’ among younger viewers.

Nearly 60% of the football clubs in England’s top two divisions, have gambling advertisements splashed across the front of their kit; 9 of 20 teams in the English Premier League (EPL) and a staggering 17 of 24 football teams within the English Football League (EFL), display gambling firms on their shirts.

But, is this the case with Rugby League? Gambling operators do sponsor Rugby League teams, but it’s not as prominent as it is in football.

Competing to sponsor Rugby League teams is fierce because ultimately, it won’t only see the rugby club raking in extra funds. By sponsoring a sporting team, the gambling operator will attract more customers from its target audience, whether that be from advertising casinos or sports betting sites.

Awareness of their brand is the reason why gambling operators choose to sponsor Rugby League teams – and what better way of getting your company name out there, than having multiple-millions of fans around the globe watching their rugby team emerge with your company logo splashed across the front of the kit? It’s better than a front page newspaper special, that’s for sure!

Bet on Sports

Placing wagers on sports is more popular now that its ever been and not just here in the UK, thanks to live-streaming and in-play betting services offered worldwide. Sports enthusiasts around the globe, can follow their home-grown rugby teams of international teams and place bets on what they think the outcome of the game will be – right from the comfort of their own home. Thanks to the invention of the mobile, gambling on sports has never been easier or more convenient.

The gambling companies that sponsor rugby teams do so to attract more customers and more bets and it’s steadily rises year on year, especially in the football industry, but less so in rugby. But why? If you take a look at the betting markets with football, you have options to place bets on all manner of outcomes; the number of yellow cards, red cards, corners, offsides – the list is positively endless and now, compare that to rugby; the list is considerably smaller, what with the two sports playing to totally different rules.