Common hobbies for Rugby Union fans


Rugby is more a way of life for avid fans and there is nothing better than watching the rugby in a stadium, in a pub or even just sitting at home on the sofa with a few snacks and drinks.

There isn’t always rugby to watch, though, and you might find yourself twiddling your thumbs during these times, so what are a few good hobbies that rugby fans can enjoy? There are a number of hobbies that are common with rugby players and you might find that taking these up can enrich your life and could even give you a greater appreciation for the sport.

Playing Rugby/Touch Rugby

Obviously, if you are a fan of rugby then you will get a real thrill out of playing the sport yourself. As such a popular sport here, it is never too hard to find a local club or team and this is a great way to make new friends and meet like-minded people while also having some fun and getting exercise. Many people are put off by the idea of full contact, in which case you will find touch rugby to be a good alternative.

Weight Training

One of the most impressive aspects of watching rugby is seeing the incredible strength that is on show. Many rugby fans find this inspirational and use weight training as a hobby whether they are working out with a personal trainer, in the gym by themselves or even lifting at home. Weight training can bring many benefits to your life and it is a great feeling to see your physique change.

Online Casino Games

Many rugby fans also enjoy playing online casino games, such as playing slots online. This is a fun, engaging and entertaining hobby that you can easily do on a smartphone, tablet or computer, which means that you can do it anywhere that you like whether you are out and about or during halftime while you are relaxing at home. There are all kinds of great games to choose from and it can be an effective way to kill some time.


Finding another sport is always worthwhile, especially if you can find one that is on when the rugby is not. Cricket is a popular choice amongst rugby players because it takes place during the summer, it is a team game with a strong focus on community and respect and it can also be great fun to both play and watch. Another good alternative for a summer sport is tennis, especially with Wimbledon taking place in the middle of summer.

Hopefully, this post will give you a few ideas for alternative hobbies to rugby that you can enjoy when the rugby is not on. Nothing beats watching rugby, but it is important to have a few other hobbies and activities that you can enjoy in your spare time and many of these could even take your enjoyment of rugby to the next level or develop your own skills.