Betway in India


If you want to bet online in India, there are many ways you can do this and with many different companies.

However, it is important to know what the dos and don’ts are and to make sure that you are dealing with reputable online companies.

Firstly, the question most people ask is – Is online betting and gambling legal in India? The short answer is yes, it is. In India, there are no laws against online gambling and different states (or regions) are free to legislate their own laws and further, the Information Technology Act 2000 in India did not refer to Gambling or Betting which left the matter to be resolved by the courts, which has not happened to date in most states.

So, having established that online betting is legal in most states/regions in India, the second question most people ask is - what companies would you choose to open an account with?

In order to answer this question, you firstly have to ask yourself some of the following questions –

Is this a well-known, established company with a good reputation?

Are you able to open an account and make deposits with this company?

Does this company have a good range of betting odds (or casino options) that meet your needs?

If you are looking at betting on sports and in particular rugby or cricket, then a review on betway would be the favoured way to go.

Betway are one of the top performers for the best on odds on rugby or cricket and also have many different markets to choose from, both ‘preplay ‘and ‘inplay’


For rugby there is head to head, double result, winning margin and line betting and for cricket draw no bet, which team to win the coin toss, 1st team to reach xx runs , fall of wicket.


There are markets inplay for rugby and cricket , but most are for cricket , because of the nature of the sport – method of dismissal caught/not caught, LBW, stumped, run out etc, next man out, batsmen milestones.

InPlay betting has grown into one of the most favoured ways of enhancing your enjoyment of following your favourite players and team’s performances. From the start of play, you have many different markets open to you and, in the case of cricket, you have the chance to pit your performance research and ‘gut feeling’ against those of the bookies on who you think will be out next, for instance, or how they will be out. This can vary considerably between Test, ODI, T20 and T10 cricket because of the length of match etc, it’s all part of the fun of following the matches on the live streaming facilities available online with Betway or broadcast on TV – Betway live streams 1000’s of live sports events and is only available to Betway account holders, subject to certain provisions, terms and conditions.

So, what is so good about Betway in India?

Betway is a safe and reputable operator for both sports betting and casino.

Betway promotes responsible gambling and has great customer support.

Betway accepts Indian rupees and has some of the best betting and casino apps in India.

Betway has great customer support and customer loyalty programmes.

Betway has live streams, live coverage and scores of 1000s of sports events (subject to certain terms and conditions)

So, what is the next step? – Opening an account.

In order to open an account from India with Betway you will have to follow a verification process, which is put in place to protect you with your withdrawals as well and you will need to provide some identification, proof of address and ownership to your payment method.

There are many step-by-step guides to opening an account and it is also advisable to check out any welcoming bonus offers that might be available. Betway have many different and varying bonus offers each week when you open an account, so pick the one to suit you, whether it is for casino or sports betting.

Betway have made it even easier to open an account for users, in India, with their innovative App which you can just download to your mobile phone and follow the instructions. They have apps for sports betting, casino and slots with welcome bonuses on all of them.

Once you have opened your account, here are some tips to make your online betting experience fun, rewarding and above all safe.

Sports Betting Tips

Research is key to support your own instincts …. Research, research, research…….

Analyse recent performances - players and teams.

Look at different markets and, in particular, In Play options.

Always look for the best odds and any offers available on the day.

Check out any blogs and expert articles for their tips.

Always gamble responsibly and when the fun stops….STOP